We are GDP Certified

Our quality manager Randa makes sure that all our SOP’s, work instructions and qp’s are properly executed.

She is authorized to release all pharma  products for sale after passing the JFDA control lab tests.

She conducts internal audits on monthly basis, and liaises with Lloyds for external audits.

She makes sure that our warehousing and distribution depts. are GDP compliant and liaises with our partners for external GDP audits.

She keeps records of all warehouses temperature and humidity readings. for 10 years

She checks all data loggers and keep track of their readings properly.

She works with third party companies to keep our stores properly validated and our sensors, ice boxes and data loggers calibrated.

the quality department is also responsible to check the temperture on line  of the  vans that we use for distribution as all NNDS vans are connected with a GBS sysyem and a temperture  sensors .