We are GDP Certified

We have a comprehensive ERP system custom made for our business.

All aspects of our business operations are live and fully integrated.

Each employee has his own menu.

Each principal has its own customized menu with 24/7 access remotely through the internet.

Accessed data include:

  • Available stocks
  • In-market sales per company, class of products, single product, region, area, customer, medical rep, for a chosen time period, and in any combination.
  • To-market sales including ordered quantities, received quantities, imported amounts in different currencies, goods in transit, goods in clearance, etc
  • invoiced values and quantities, CIF prices, due dates, etc
  • Sales comparisons

Soon, our customers will be able to sign into our Intranet page and check their purchases, deliveries and payments.

Additional services will include quizzes and surveys.