We are GDP Certified
DRA (Drug Regulatory Affairs)

We pride ourselves in having a top notch DRA dept and consider it a pillar at NNDS.

This dept is managed by Rana who has behind her 16 years experience in this field. She is assisted by our 4 pharmacists, Rana, Rawan,Rand  and Aya in addition to pharmacist assistant Ghassan who fully understand our JFDA regulations  to understand business better.

We work in a systematic way and help save our partners time and money.

We check all the sites registration files, products registration files, variations, etc prior to submitting them to the JFDA.

We provide our principals with comprehensive monthly reports on the progress.  Rana acts as the head of Pharmacovigilance at NNDS and regularly train NNDS employees.Additionally, we have signed PV agreements with all our major suppliers.

We interact with the JFDA daily and provide them with reports as requested.

In case of recall, Rana coordinates with Randa, our quality manager to withdraw the goods from the market within 24 hours. She also coordinates with the JFDA on issues like counterfeit.