We are GDP Certified

Dr. Nabih Nabulsi has created a leading pharmaceutical and medical distribution business in Jordan. After graduation, he opened a pharmacy in Irbid in 1957, and in 1964, he started promoting few products for a then small Swiss company called Zyma which would later become Novartis Consumer health. As they grew together in Jordan, a strong base for NNDS was created for further expansion and diversification.

Dr. Nabulsi’s integrity, respect for employees and partners, attention to details, and passion for innovation enabled his company to grow fast. More international companies showed interest in his business, and with time, NNDS partnered with important names like Sandoz, Merck, Stada, Roche and many others. With time, NNDS became a leading company with a sound reputation in the pharmaceutical sector.

Today, NNDS is run by Dr. Nabih Nabulsi sons Mounther and Almouthana along with a team of professional managers and employees who carry the same loyalty, passion and perseverance. Dr. Nabulsi has passed away since two years. But his vision continues; NNDS will continue to serve Jordan with pride and will grow aggressively to improve its employees’ quality of life.